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6v, 8v, 12v Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries are currently not available for Retail sale and shipping.

If you are interested in Wholesale Golf Cart Batteries, Please use the “Contact FuelZero” Link to tell us what you are looking for. We have supply chain relationships established with multiple world-class battery manufacturers and can work with you to develop a battery solution that works for you. FuelZero Branded batteries are available, or we can even have them manufactured and private-labeled with your company’s Name and Logo on the battery

Main Product Features

  • Non-Cadmium Design, Environment-friendly:
    FuelZero Golf Cart Batteries have are made with industry leading technology - Non-Cadmium container formation Production Process technology. It helps to save energy 28.5%, save water 90%, and no discharge of waste water.
  • Super Long Mileage:
    Special active additives in the positive plate improve the consistency of the active material after formation. This has improved the battery's charge/discharge efficiency, and more power can be released during discharging. The mileage achieved during each discharge is improved significantly.
  • Strong Motive Power:
    Super thin plate design is used to increase the area of electro-chemical reaction, which enables the battery to have excellent large current discharge capability. Adopting a cast-welding process to reduce the battery's internal resistance also contributes to the battery's charge/discharge efficiency. Combined, these features enable battery to have large power discharge capability.
  • Long Service Life:
    The FuelZero Golf Cart batteries have excellent cycle life which can reach up to 600 cycles @ 70% DOD. The battery construction (internal cells) are grouped well to improve the battery bank's consistency in order to improve the battery bank's service life.
  • Non-Spillable and High Safety:
    The battery container and lid are made of Enhanced ABS material and they are sealed by epoxy resin, so the battery is sealed without any acid leakage issue. High accuracy safety valves has been applied to prevent battery bulging, and safety valve and acid filter are used for preventing sparks from entering the battery to ensure safe use.
  • High Reliability:
    Improved negative material composition and increased micropoles structure at negative helps to improve charge/discharge performance at extreme temperature conditions. Fuel Zero Batteries have Low water loss rate, high temperature resistance, and battery deformation resistance.

Example Sizes available:

Model No
(Data Sheet)
BCI Group SizeCapacity MinutesCapacity Amp-hour(AH)VoltageTerminalDimensionsWeight
5 Hr10Hr20HrVoltTypeLWHDRY

T-605GC238310517519321061,2,3,410.30 (262)7.13 (181)11.15 (283)17.5
T-105GC24471151852072256510.30 (262)7.13 (181)11.15 (283)19.5
T-125GC248813219522124061,2,3,410.30 (262)7.13 (181)11.15 (283)21.0
T-145GC2H53014521523926062,410.30 (262)7.11 (181)11.90 (302)24.0
T-875GC829511714515517081,2,310.21 (259)7.10 (180)11.14 (283)21.0
T-890GC8H34013215517519081, 210.21 (259)7.10 (180)11.14 (283)23.0