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Absorbed Glass Matte or "AGM" batteries are the latest and greatest in lead-acid batteries. Due to the tight internal construction of an AGM battery, it is also the most impact resistant, and boasts the least internal resistance. The lower internal resistance increases the output voltage, decreases charging time, and reduces losses to heat as power flows through the system. AGM Batteries then bring the trump card to the table, they are maintenance free. Premium AGM batteries recombine the gases produced internally, back into liquid. This recombination makes the AGM battery maintenance free. No acid leaks, no mess while charging, no corrosion on surrounding parts. You plug in these batteries and walk away. AGM batteries can do anything that flooded and GEL batteries can do, just better.
Main Features:
  • AGM Deep Cycle Battery with full 1 year warranty
  • Sealed non-spillable construction.
  • Manufactured using high purity lead yields an extremely low self-discharge rate.
  • AGM batteries provide superior performance and longevity compared to standard lead acid batteries.
  • Ideally suited for all off-grid, back-up power, and power supply applications.
  • Can be used in 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v Battery Bank Configurations.

Note: FuelZero AGM Batteries are manufactured using Absorbent Glass Matte (AGM) technology. Fuelzero’s batteries arrive pre-charged, however, it is recommended that the battery is charged to approximately 13.8 VDC before initial use as all batteries will slowly self discharge over time in storage and during transportation.

Typical Applications:

RV Power, Off-grid wind and solar, Offshore marine power, Telecommunications, Alarm and security systems, UPS, Emergency lighting, Communication power supply, DC power supply, Electric vehicles, golf carts, etc.